All names given on this blog are pseudonyms.  They will be added here as I make them up.  I pick names that amuse me, that occur to me when I think about what sort of people they are, but they are kindly meant, all of them.  These are important people, after all.

Cortana: My sister, a little less than three years younger than me.  Some variety of youth-oriented social worker, works weird hours and night shifts at a youth shelter, so I see her at peculiar and unusual times.  Loves video games, lends me many, will kick your ass six ways if you try to take her on in Halo.

Florence: My sister, six years younger than me, currently a third-year nursing student.  Loves Harry Potter madly.  Plays soccer, tough as nails, takes no shit from anyone, one of the most compassionate people I have ever known.

The Mongoose: My sister, fourteen years younger than me.  Absolutely fabulous and full of confidence, likes being dramatic.  Stylish and trendy and secretly geeky and a straight-A student.  She gives me makeup tips on occassion.

Dr. K: My psychiatrist.  He’s from South Africa.

Audrey: A housemate of mine.  In many ways my complete opposite, extroverted and wild and impulsive, rarely following up on anything.  Alternates between working herself to death and partying too hard.  Loves classic movies and old musicals, and has a secret desire to be a burlesque dancer.


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